Frequently Asked Questions

How about Outing and Start? Will it be different for slow boats?

As per the announced program, exiting the marina will be at slow cruising pace, and gathering at the start spot according to the instructions which will be handed at registration. Slow boats will be allowed to take to the open half an hour earlier. As the area is new for most of us, the marina outing and start areas have been enlarged on a hand-out you will receive at registration.

What if fighting a fish at the lines-out time or if dragged out of the T. area?

In both cases, informing the Referee Comittee beforehand and as the fight begins is mandatory. The Referee Comittee or one of its members is at the same time responsible of publicly informing by VHF the remaining of the competitors about the situation and the permission. Any catch after lines-out announcement will not be valid, thus no time extension given.

Video is compulsory for release validation; is it also the case for normal catches? How and when are the recordings being registered and delivered?

As clearly mentioned in the Tournament Rules, appropriate video recordings is compulsory/mandatory for any catch validation, both release and/or landing; recordings will be handed with the catch to an official representative. We would like to reiterate once more, that release points are granted only for catches complying to all applying rules and sizes. Catches smaller than regulatory sizes are compulsory for release and will not be awarded points.

Buoys are claimed as “not-allowed” in the Rules. Are “spotter” baloons allowed?

Unfortunately “not” allowed. Chumming/Chunking fishing is limited to two baited rigs. They are not therefore necessary when using only two rods.

How can we determine “fish size” when releasing and/or deciding for landing?

Length measurements are usually done at boatside, with a tape measure or ruler. Smaller fish can also be landed for more accurate measurement, but this method is not advisable if not “properly” doable.

Is a fighting Chair allowed during a fight ?

If the chair is a “regular approved” one, “yes”, provided of course that the fight is complying with the rest of the Rules. No “other” facilities are allowed. (Except for Security Cords).

How far from land will we go and fish?

The closet distance to shore will be close to 2 (two) nautical miles. Once that distance is overrun, (btwn 6’~7’ and ½ hour, depending on boat speed), you will be able to start fishing.

Is “offshore” fishing allowed in this Tournament?

Of course it is. The tournament boundaries do in fact include offshore waters. The fishing and competing strategies are totally at the competitor’s choice.

Is Popping or Jigging style fishing allowed in the areas closest to shore?

Absolutely “yes”, provided it remains within the Tournament Boundaries. If these styles are to be used whilst fishing with bait, only one extra rig is allowed in addition to the two baited ones. If only popping and jigging is used, a total of 4 rigs (2+2) are allowed. We also would like to strongly remind you that, “groupers” of any kind are “totally” forbidden to catch as of September 1st.