2020 Competition Days and Important Notes

Dear Contestants,

The Tuna Masters Teos actual contest days are confirmed for Saturday and Sunday (5-6 September 2020), with no need of program change so far. There have been minor program adjustments though, with departure (start) time as 08:00 a.m. and finish (lines-out) time as 17:00. This decision has been taken to enable fishing some of the dusk hours without changing the total duration. Accordingly, the Tournament premises will open at 06:00 a.m. and breakfast services will be between 06:30 and 07:15 a.m.

As usual, Bait and Ice supply service will be carried by Şerif Balıkçılık at 06:00 a.m. Supplies from another and different third party will not be allowed.

Additionally, we have introduced the obligation to release any catch which has been deemed unacceptable because of rules infraction or extra-time deadline overtake. Those catches cannot, at any extent be landed, neither taken on board nor brought to shore.

As a new service this year, Teos Marina will offer one free car parking to registering boats and free wi-fi services to all participants. Compared to last years, the entrance gate has changed, and all access will be through the marina. Parking your car(s) at the marina’s auto-parking will therefore be the easiest way to access the tournament area.

Differently again from past years and to minimize congestion at the desk, registrations will be open as of Thursday 12:00 a.m.

As a change to the previously published pandemic rules, it has been decided not to accept any visitors, except for contestants’ relatives. Even in such cases, badges will be mandatory, and this rule will be seriously enforced. Consequently, all teams are required to submit the relative name list beforehand. As this attendee list will as well be limited, you are requested to apply as early as possible.

We also want to drag furthermore your attention by publishing once again the Pandemic Rules:
Tournament behavior practices will be as follows:

  1. There will be controls at the entrance, such as body temperature control and similar. Individuals without badges will not be allowed access to the premises. During all competition days, Teams with relatives and close friends will be required to submit a name list at registration and get the said badges for those guests. Such “team support cards” will be limited and will be distributed in order of application precedence.
  1. Abiding by Social Distancing rules and wearing a mask on the premises will be mandatory. Boats will be considered private area and individual boat teams will nevertheless be required to comply to the best pandemic practices. Nevertheless, it will be forbidden for different separate teams to gather on the same boat. Each boat’s team will need to remain on its own.
  1. This year’s courtesy bags will include individual hygiene sets, such as to enable you comply for best practices. A similar hygiene set will be distributed to the registered visitors at the stated limited number. Hand sanitizing stations will also be available on the premises.
  1. This year will not have a gala dinner, and the catches will remain property of each boat. For such a situation, an agreement has been made with “Şerif Balıkçılık”. After each weighing session, the fish will be cleaned and devoid of any remaining blood, filleted in blocks of ca. 1 kg, Styrofoam packed and frozen. For such a service, Şerif Balıkçılık will charge a modest fee of 250.- TL/fish and you will be able to collect and carry your frozen fish going back home at the end of the tournament. Separately, teams who desire to independently gut and dress their own catch will be kindly requested to carefully do so outside of the marina boundaries and out of sight of public eyes, and all remainings of such operation to be duly collected in separate trash bags and disposed of in the dedicated main trash bins. Lack of abiding to such practices and damaging the catch is subject to penalties.
  1. This year’s new sponsor of ours, “Çaycı & Co.”, will pe present under the main tent and will be handling all food related services under the best pandemic practices. Breakfast service will also be handled by “Çaycı & Co.”, every morning between 06:30 & 07:15 a.m.
  1. This year there will be an extra Sanitary Condition Awareness Disclaimer to be signed, in addition to the existing usual one.
  1. As all operations occuring during the tournament will need to be carried out under minimum contact practices, you are expressely requested to minimize and possibly avoid exercises such as garment size exchanges, cash payments, etc… You are therefore requested to kindly complete those exercises before the tournament.
  1. This year again, both released as well as caught fishes’ mandatory videos will need to be forwarded to a virtual digital platform [via WhatsApp or other to : +90 (545) 336 6866] and not physically handed to an organization member; teams are therefore requested to organize themselves accordingly.
  1. Again, and due to minimum contact policies, the printed version of the tournament rules will not be distributed.  We strongly request you instead to follow or print-out the latest detailed texts from our websites.