Important Announcement: Briefing On Saturday 21st

Because of the incredible number of fish caught on the first day of the tournament, Friday 19th September, we the judges were only able to weigh and measure the fish. But the final results were not announced.
Friday’s official results and the new rules for the second day of the tournament (Sunday 22nd) will be announced today (Saturday 20th), at 18.00, at the tournament briefing area.

We will be announcing new length restrictions, changes on the map and other important details. Therefore we ask for at least one member of each team to be present. Not knowing the rules will not be an acceptable excuse.

In case of any questions and queries, please contact us through the usual phone numbers as follows:

Murat İyriboz: +90 542 5333535

Elvio Pennetti: +90 532 3232063

Wishing to host you in this exciting competition, with tight lines and landings,

Murat & Elvio